Get ready to take on Winter, Hayfever season, that dreaded cold sore, even Covid 19 – prevention is KEY! See your naturopath!

Did you know that the best way to keep your immune system strong and smart is to do a naturopathic detox once or twice a year? It really is the key to health and longevity! Whenever your immune system is misbehaving – like if you have any allergies, or worst case scenario, cancer or autoimmune conditions, this is a sign that you do not have enough diverse, good, protective bacteria. Medicinal mushrooms are nature’s true immune strengtheners, and a great thing to include in a detox program to get your immune system smart and working for you, not against you. If you have an acute illness, you can’t beat the herb Andrographis to kickstart your immune system and get it fighting the bug.

Digestive and Gut Health

You don’t need to guess what foods you can eat to keep your microflora happy with expert personalised dietary advice right here!

Your gut is not just where we digest food – it is also often the key to our energy levels, a reflection of brain health, mental wellness, and immune health. Your naturopath can tell you exactly which foods are causing inflammation to your body through your gut so you know what you can and can’t eat without the guesswork!

The basic nutrients that keep our gut lining healthy are glutamine, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins A and D, and most gut healing formulas that you get from your naturopath are made up of these basic nutrients. We all need to strive for a good diverse microbiome to keep our gut healthy. Sensitivities are a huge issue with symptoms like:

Whether you have overt gut dysfunction or not, constant intake of foods and chemicals that are irritating your system leads to low-grade chronic inflammation throughout your entire system.

The gut is the seat of all health.

Improving your gut will naturally improve your entire health. Aided by practitioner only supplements supplied by your naturopath.

Weight Management

Do you have a thyroid or liver issue that is stopping you from losing weight, but not quite bad enough to be picked up in medical testing? 

Could you have a hidden thyroid, blood sugar or liver issue not being picked up in medical testing? Your naturopath is trained to pick up underlying health issues. Sometimes plain old stress could be the culprit to weight gain or weight loss, depending on your genetics!

With simple analysis we can determine the best course of treatment for you and your body. Managing your weight issues starts with determining the cause. We can work out a plan of action together. A simple detox can be all that is needed to kickstart your metabolism. Prescribed supplements are available in our clinic to aid your detox but any weight management should be overseen by a health practitioner.

Women's Health

Whether you’re hitting puberty, suffering with painful or heavy periods, looking to start a family or enduring a tough menopause!

Balancing hormones can seem like a complicated task, but supporting your liver and adrenals is the answer. A well chosen practitioner-only supplement is a wonderful support and can make a huge difference. Progesterone is one of the key hormones in our bodies, playing an essential role in the everyday function of our bodies, yet many women don’t realise that low progesterone and unhealthy adrenals may be the cause of their hormone imbalance. Suffering in silence is not needed.

There is no more important time to look after yourself than when you are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant. You can actually have a positive impact on the next generations by having the correct nutrients in a really well absorbed Natal formula! Not all formulas are equal in quality and absorption. A quality naturopathic formula can make all the difference.

Chronic Disease

Natural medicine is the best prevention you can get!

If you’re already at the chronic point, natural medicine has wonderful options to assist with pain management and inflammation, options that are helping your liver rather than adding to the load!

Inflammation serves a purpose in the body – pain sends chemical messengers to your body to heal itself! But chronic inflammation on the other hand is not so good. It means that the healing is just not happening! It is the liver’s job to deal with chronic inflammation. It can take on lots of different disguises too – it’s not just pain that is inflammatory to the body. It can be foods we’re eating, xeno-estrogens and heavy metals, insulin and good old stress that all contribute to the inflammatory load in the body! Lucky we have plenty of natural anti-inflammatories at our disposal.

Why not ask Natasha for a food DNA test to determine which foods are inflammatory to your body? See your naturopath for preventative measures before chronic disease becomes your daily nightmare.

Functional Testing

There are lots of tests available through your naturopath to really pinpoint weaknesses in your body.

This is fundamental to any naturopathic treatment. Be treated like an individual and receive personalised treatment plans that empower you to be your own doctor – without drugs or harm to the body. Naturopaths will use and recommend a wide range of testing using blood, saliva and hair – your own DNA has the answers!

Common testing used:

Your naturopath can decipher your body signals in these tests, and has the expertise to know what the best supplements are for you.