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Naturopathic medicine is about empowering patients to make better choices in order to achieve greater health throughout their entire lives.

Individuals who suffer from chronic diseases may be excellent candidates for naturopathic care. If you have a great need to get better and stay better then getting guidance from a natural therapist like a Naturopath should align with this nicely. Naturopathy patients suffering from forms of fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes have responded well under our naturopathic regime.

Joondalup Naturopathy

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Joondalup Naturopathy


I’m Natasha,  I’m a degree qualified Naturopath (BHSc) practicing in Perth, WA. I have a drive to bring wellness to everyone who wants a healthier life! As a Naturopath I am like hiring a personal guru that can decipher your bodies code and tune it to better health.

Through natural medicine, we can discover underlying factors for dis-ease, and begin to heal from within out.

I am trained in and will utilise herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and lifestyle interventions to facilitate optimal health and healing.

Particularly skilled in thyroid health and also interpreting laboratory results for optimal ranges which are important to bring.  I often request for specific blood pathology to assess subclinical illness.

Womens health is a great passion of mine also, simply because there is so much natural medicine that can help to alleviate symptoms that women experience from teenage years through to menopause and beyond.

Lets share your health journey together!

“Life is tough, my darling, but so are you” 


Initial Naturopathic Consultations

An initial consultation run time is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, where we explore what is happening for you now.

It includes receiving a personalised treatment plan explaining nutritional, lifestyle and herbal interventions and highlights how imbalances are causing dis-ease and how treatment will begin to effect change.

You also receive resources helping you to understand what is happening for you.

Follow Up Consultations

A follow on from the initial consult.

Here we can really drill down on your personalised treatment plan and effect long term healing.

Follow up consultation 45 min - 1hr.

Online Initial & follow Up Consultations

Virtual online consultations available now!

Initial and follow up consultations are now available due to popular demand.

These consultations run exactly the same as face to face but from the comfort of your own home through video link.

Food Intolerance Testing

Hair 500 testing isolates over 500 individual food, environmental and chemical sensitivities individual to you.

With this testing you receive an individualised plan of foods you can eat and foods you can't, particular cleaners and chemicals to avoid that are personalised to you, to get your health back on track.

Joondalup Naturopathy

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Get ready to take on Winter, Hayfever season, that dreaded cold sore, even Covid 19 – prevention is KEY! See your naturopath!

Women's Health

Whether you’re hitting puberty, suffering with painful or heavy periods, looking to start a family or enduring a tough menopause, there are brilliant natural supplements for every stage and health issue!

Digestive & Gut Health

You don’t need to guess what foods you can eat to keep your microflora happy with expert personalised dietary advice right here!

Chronic Disease

Natural medicine is the best prevention you can get, but never fear if you already have a diagnosed chronic disease,  natural medicine can help reverse some damage and help lessen symptoms.

Weight Management

Could you have a hidden thyroid, blood sugar or liver issue not being picked up in medical testing? Your naturopath is trained to identify underlying health issues to get you back on track.

Functional Testing

There are lots of tests available through your naturopath to really pinpoint weaknesses in your body. You might be very surprised when you visit your naturopath with what you find out!